About Us 


We eat, sleep, and breathe soccer.  Our passion is fueled by the competitive spirit and the love of the beautiful game.  We do not concern ourselves with any other sport.


We love to travel.  There’s nothing quite like having boots on the ground and being able to experience things first hand.  Travel is like a book you can’t put down, like a song you can’t stop listening to, like a movie you cannot stop watching.  But better.  It’s a teacher with a limitless classroom and resources/topics.  It is with this foundation that we operate MCR Soccer Tours.  For soccer people, by soccer people.


  • Our focus is you.  There are no standard, pre-packaged tours.  Your team is unique.  Your itinerary is carefully crafted with highly personalized activities based on your vision and goals.  We assist you in every step of the journey and turn your vision into an international adventure.


  • Our focus is value for your money.  Because you work hard for it and should spend it wisely.  Your itinerary is carefully crafted to fit your budget.


  • Our focus is your piece of mind.  We understand the importance of a well-organized plan, personalized service and support.  Our tour directors meet your team upon arrival, stay with you 24/7, and manage every detail of your tour until departure.  We do this so you can focus on you.


We don’t want to provide you with an once-in-a-lifetime experience (because we want you to travel with us more than once).  We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience with lifelong memories.


It is upon these principles that we have built many fabulous friendships over the years with our customers and partners.  We maintain these friendships through steadfast integrity and dependability for our mutual benefit.