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MCR reserves  the  right  to  cancel the  Tour prior  to  departure  for  any  reason  whatsoever,  including  insufficient  signup  or  logistical problems that may impede Touroperationsor due to force majeure (acts of God, war, labor strikes,pandemicearthquake, flooding, etc.).Participant understands that MCR must normally make substantial payments to its suppliers (hotels, transportation companies, etc.) far in advance of the scheduled embarkation date.If a Touris cancelled, MCRwillpromptly refund the portion of the Tourcost that  has not  already been advanced  to  suppliers.While  there  is  no  guarantee  that  any  such  payments  will  be  possible, MCRalso agrees  that  it  will  refund  any  advanced  payments  that  MCR  receives  back  from  suppliers  in  connection  with  a  cancelled  Tour. Participant agrees that the refundoutlined in this section shall fully release MCR from any responsibility and liability for the Tour.MCR is not responsible for expenses incurred by Participantin  preparing for a  cancelled Tour(e.g., nonrefundable advance purchase air tickets, visa fees, inoculations, equipment, etc.) or for any additional arrangements should the Participanthave embarked prior to the scheduled group departure date. For this reason, and as outlined in Section V, MCR strongly recommends that Participant secure travel insurance.

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